Time Series Econometrics, VU University Amsterdam (graduate) (slides)
Business Statistics, VU University Amsterdam (undergraduate) (evaluation)
Business Mathematics, VU University Amsterdam (undergraduate)
Advanced Econometrics III, Tinbergen Institute (graduate)
Principles of Programming in Econometrics, Tinbergen Institute (graduate)
Econometrics II, Tilburg University (undergraduate)
Quantitative Finance, Tilburg University (undergraduate)

Honors And Awards

2017 Travel grant for the 10th SoFiE annual conference in New York
2017 VU University Amsterdam representative in the 2017 World Econometric Game
2016 Student Travel Award for the JSM Conference in Chicago
2016 VU University Amsterdam representative in the 2016 World Econometric Game
2013-2015 Tinbergen Institute Scholarship
2013 Distinctive Graduate of Tilburg Univeristy CentER Honors Program
2012 Rabobank Scholarship of the 2nd Tilburg University Finance Expedition
2012 Orange Tulip Scholarship for Chinese Student

Seminars and Conferences

2017 China International Finance Conference, Hangzhou (**)
2017 International Association for Applied Econometrics Annual Conference, Sapporo (*)
2017 The Society for Financial Econometrics Annual Conference, New York University (*)
2017 International Conference on Econometrics and Statistics, HKUST (*)
2016 International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics, Seville (**)
2016 Conference on Econometric Models of Climate Change, Aarhus University (*)
2016 American Statistical Association JSM Business and Economics Session, Chicago (**)
2016 PhD Lunch Seminar, Tinbergen Institute Amsterdam (*)
2015 Econometrics Brown Bag Seminar, VU University Amsterdam (*)
(*): paper presentation; (**): poster presentation